Our Solution

PrioriAnalytica provides award-winning solutions that use advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to diagnose operational and maintenance issues with enough lead time to facilitate remedial actions, avoiding costly downtime or failure.

Our systems reduce production limiting events, optimise performance and improve workforce efficiencies, which preserves revenue and proactively manages and reduces Opex while delivering significant EHS benefit.

Wind turbine with solar panels and sunset

Our Technology

Our systems can monitor and analyse multiple data points on equipment at remote sites, including; Solar PV, Battery, Power generation, consumption and storage.

Using advanced pattern matching algorithms the applications can continuously monitor thousands of assets to identify potential upset conditions prior to onset.

Our systems can interface with client Asset Performance Management and Work Management systems to automatically schedule, designate and task engineering activity for remediation.

Value Proposition

Asset Value Drivers

Reduce Well Capex

Increased Revenue

Reduced NPT

Reduced Opex

Improve Safety

Unlock limitless possibilities with advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions.