Our Solution

PrioriAnalytica provides world class Logistics solutions that use the most advanced machine learning research and operations experience to solve global-scale logistics problems effortlessly.

Instead of optimising for “shortest distance” or “shortest duration” as other solutions do, our hand-crafted models directly optimise economic value, subject to on-the-ground constraints such as driving preferences, maximum daily driving durations or other key values specific to your business.

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Our Technology

Our approach is one of integration, using deep learning to do the heavy lifting, and where they can be applied using conventional approaches to fine-tune and enforce quality control.

Our models sit on top of a suite of state-of-the-art battle-tested operations research algorithms, breaking down huge datasets into clusters to get near-optimal solutions, while maintaining our economic-first approach to optimising logistics.

Our systems can be integrated with existing public road data from Google’s Directions API or OpenRouteService as well as other important data inputs that can affect Logistics planning such as weather data.

Value Proposition

Asset Value Drivers

Optimise economic value

Ensure optimum output

Improve EHS performance

Increased Revenue

Reduced NPT

Unlock limitless possibilities with advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions.