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 Advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics solutions

What we do

 At Priori, we provide systems for Drilling Optimisation, Remote Power Management and Logistics that use advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to diagnose operational problems, with enough lead time to facilitate remedial actions to avoid downtime or failure, to optimize your operations and reduce costs.



Bespoke Software Solutions

Analytics Software Solutions

Hosted Solutions

why Us?

Predictive and prescriptive analytics

 We provide predictions about unknown events using historical data and find the best course of action for a given situation.

Platform agnostic, open-source

 We are platform agnostic, open-source and comply with industry standards.

Seamless Integration

 Our solutions are designed specifically to work within the existing operational process chain, they integrate seamlessly into the client work process utilising existing data and information.

Rapid deployment

 Our industry knowledge and unique approach to data rationalisation and application build methodology allows for extremely rapid deployment and development.


Proven applications

 We have demonstrated proven oilfield operations, production optimisation and drilling.

Global Partnerships

We can offer an enhanced full-service solution including operational process design,  behavioural and culture management and facility design.